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PMA Furniture Design Sweden

PMA Furniture & Design is a family-owned furniture brand and company founded four decades ago in Sweden. Since the beginning we have had a strong passion for design which is founded in the Scandinavian design traditions, merged with contemporary influences from the world around us taking inspiration in arts, music and culture.

We hope that we can inspire and enrich our clients to create environments that invite, embrace and contribute to a sense of harmony. We take pride in bringing our customers value through great designs and products, with a strong quality.

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Design & Collaboration

Our furniture are inspired by classical Scandinavian designs using honest high-quality materials from sustainable sources. Our designs are created by Anders Östberg and through collaboration with Scandinavian designers.

We work with international brands and designers to manufacture and develop customer's designs. We can offer a full range development package to meet all your furniture requirements. We aspire to bring your idea to life.

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All of PMA production is done in-house

To maintain the most cost-efficient supply chain, related to technical development, purchasing, production, quality control, and shipping our furniture are manufactured in our fully owned factory. This provides us with total overview on the development and production process, from drawing to finished product.

Since 2010 the factory is established and located in the Binh Duong province, 35 km outside Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This production facility is equipped with modern machinery to assure high quality and modern produced units to maintain efficiency and consistent quality.

If you are interested in learning more about us or our factory, we welcome you to contact us for an appointment.