Cosmopolitan by inspiration, Scandinavian by nature

PMA Furniture & Design is a Swedish owned furniture brand and manufacturer founded four decades ago. The story of PMA began in Southern Sweden and expanded across the globe.

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Who We Are


Our furniture is inspired by classical Scandinavian designs using honest high quality materials from sustainable sources. Our designs are created by Anders Östberg and through collaboration with Mathieu Gustafsson and Bertil Stam.


We work with international brands and designers to manufacture and develop customer's designs. We can offer a full range development package to meet all your furniture requirements. We aspire to bring your idea to life.


Our production unit is located 35 km outside Ho Chi Minh City and is equipped with modern high quality machinery. Our philosophy is to create a socially responsible and safe work environment for efficiency and consistent quality.

To inspire, enrich and create environments that invite, embrace and contribute to a sense of harmony
- Our Vision